Personal Help for Families in Need

Navigating the financial challenges of aging can be difficult and families sometimes need some coaching to help them through it. Under an hourly consulting arrangement, I will work closely with your advisor team to help you create a plan for successful aging. 

Hourly consulting is available for Wealth & Honor Academy members and may be a combination of teleconferences, virtual sessions, or in-person meetings where possible. It is important to understand that consulting differs from Financial Planning in many respects.

  • I will work closely with your entire family, as well as your team of advisors, including your financial planner, attorney, or other professionals.
  • Consulting, may involve many discussions not normally considered under a financial planning arrangement, such as housing options, caregiver roles, as well as coaching on being a trustee, power or attorney, or other fiduciary role.
  • Emphasis is on helping you identity barriers to achieving a successful outcome, and working with your team to design a plan of action that will overcome those barriers,
  • Under this arrangement, neither Wealth and Honor, nor David Russell prepares a financial plan, conducts financial analysis, or makes financial or investment recommendations.

Personal consultation is $250 per hour for up to 10 hours. If you are interested, contact me using the form at below.

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